Here are terms and conditions (“Agreement”) describing the terms and conditions of using OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com website (“Website” or “Service”), related products, and services (collectively, “Services”). Please note this agreement is legally binding between you (“you,” User,” and” your”) and “us” OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com (“we,” “our,” and “OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com”). It will also help to remember that by accessing and using OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com, you (“User”) acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

By entering into this Agreement on behalf of a business (profit or not-for-profit) or other legal entity, you confirm or represent that you have authority to bind such an entity to this Agreement. In this case, the term “you,” “your,” and “User” shall refer to such an entity. Please do not enter into this Agreement if you don’t have the authority to enter on behalf and bind any type of legal business to this Agreement. Likewise, if you do not accept the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, you must not accept this Agreement. For that reason, you may not access and use the Website (OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com) and Services.

You acknowledge that this Agreement is a binding contract between you and “us” OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com, even though it is electronic and is not physically signed by you. Similarly, you acknowledge that this Agreement governs your use of the Website and Services. Accessing any part of the Website means that you have accepted the Agreement in full. Please leave the site immediately if you do not accept of comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.


Pursuant to (the IGA) Interactive Gambling Act 2001, we “OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com” do not provide services or any information for entities physically present or residing in Commonwealth Australia territories. For that reason, any User physically present in Australia must please leave the Website immediately.

Eligible Users

You must be 1) at least *18-years old (*read note at the bottom of the page) 2) not residing or physically present on Commonwealth Australian territory to access and use the Website and Services. By using OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com (Website and Services) and by agreeing to this Agreement, you warrant and confirm that you are at least *18-years old and not physically present in the territory of Commonwealth Australia. By using the Website, you confirm and warrant that you have the authority, capacity, and right to enter into this Agreement. It will help to note that any violations of conditions set forth in our terms and conditions might result in the blocking of your internet protocol address and/or any using any other means to prevent further OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com usage.

User content

OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com doesn’t have ownership to any data, information, or material (“Content”) that you submit on the Website in the course of using the Service. You have the sole responsibility for the accuracy, appropriateness, integrity, intellectual property or right to use, legality, quality, and reliability of all submitted Content. OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com may monitor and review any Content on the Website that you submit or create using the Website’s Services.

We have your permission to access, copy, distribute, display, reformat, store, transmit, and perform your user account Content as required to provide Services to you. Without limiting any representations or warranties, OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com has the right, though not the obligation, to, in our sole discretion, remove or refuse Content that, in our reasonable opinion, is harmful, objectionable, and violates any of our polices.

You also grant us the license to adopt, distribute, modify, publish, and reproduce the Content you create or is stored in your user account for commercial, marketing, or similar services.


OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com performs regular backups of the Website and its Content. It will be best to note that these backups are for our administrative purposes. However, these backups aren’t guaranteed.

You have the responsibility of maintaining your data backups. OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com doesn’t offer any sort of compensation for incomplete or lost data in the event that there is a malfunction in the data backup. It will help to note that we will do our best to complete accurate backups, but take no responsibility for this duty.

Links to other resources

You will discover that OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com links to other resources (mobile apps, websites, etc.). It will be best to remember that we are not, directly or indirectly endorsing or implying any approval, sponsorship, or affiliation with the linked resources, unless we state otherwise.

Some of the links on OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com are “affiliate links.” Consequently, we receive an affiliate commission when you click the “affiliate links” and purchase items.

Please remember that OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com is not responsible for evaluating and examining any businesses or persons, or their resources’ content.  Likewise, we do not warrant the offerings of any business or persons. For that reason, OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com does not assume any liability or responsibility for the actions, content, products, and services of any third party.

It will help to carefully review the terms and conditions or legal statements of any resource, which you access via links on the Website and Services. Lastly, your linking to off-site resources is at your own risk.

Intellectual property rights

“Intellectual Property Rights” refers to all present and future rights set forth by common law, equity, or statutes in or in relation to copyright and related rights, now or in the future and in any part of the world. Therefore, it will be best to understand that this Agreement doesn’t transfer to you any intellectual property owned by OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com or any 3rd parties. Also, note that all interests, rights, and titles to such property will remain solely between the 3rd parties and “us” OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com.

The Website or it’s licensors own all graphics, logos, service marks, and trademarks used in connection with the OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com, and this includes trademarks or registered trademarks. It is also important to note that other 3rd parties might own the trademarks, service marks, logos, and graphics used in connection with the Website and Services. By using OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com, you do not have the right or license to reproduce and use any of our trademarks or those belonging to 3rd parties.

Disclaimer of warranty

You acknowledge that our Service is provided as an “as is” and “as available” basis. Moreover, you agree that your use of OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com is at your own risk. We expressly forgo all warranties, whether express or implied. For that reason, we do warranty that our Service will meet your requirements or the Service will be error-free, secure, and timely. Also, remember that we do not warrant the results that you might get from using the Website and Service. Similarly, we do not warrant the accuracy or reliability of the data you obtain via the Service neither do we warrant the correcting of any defect in the Service.

By using our Website and Service, you confirm that you understand and agree that you responsible for the data you download or access on our platform. As a result, you shall be held solely responsible for damages or losses that result from the downloading of such data. It will be best to note that we do not offer warranties for transactions, goods, and services obtained through the Service unless stated otherwise. Consequently, all information you obtain from us whether oral or written, shall not create any warranty.

Limitation of liability

With regards to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com, its staff and stakeholders, will under no event, be liable any form of liability, even if the liable persons or parties have been advised on the possibility of said damages. Meanwhile, with regards to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com, its employees and stakeholders may have an aggregate liability limited to an amount exceeding $1 or any amount paid in cash to the Website by the User (you) for the past one-month leading up to the event that resulted to such a liability. Please remember that limitations and exclusions apply if this remedy doesn’t provide a 100% compensation for your loss.

Changes and amendments

OnlineCasinoAustraliaRealMoney.com reserves the right to modify this Agreement or terms and conditions relating to the Website and Service at any time, without prior warning. Kindly note that this will take effect immediately we post an updated version of this Agreement on our Website. Also, be on the lookout for the date at the bottom of this page as we will update it too. Your continued use of the Website and Services after any such changes will constitute your consent of the new changes.

Acceptance of these terms

You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement, its terms and conditions, and also agree to all terms and conditions in the Agreement. You also agree to be bound by this Agreement when accessing the website. Please remember that you don’t have the right or authority to use the Website and Services if you do not agree to follow the terms in this Agreement.

Contacting us

Please send an email to editor@onlinecasinoaustraliarealmoney.com if you would want to have a chat with us on issues relating to our Agreement, its terms and conditions.

*Note: The “Majority Age” varies from one jurisdiction to the next. Therefore, if “18-years old” isn’t your jurisdiction’s” Majority Age,” then replace the age (18-years old) with your jurisdiction’s “Age of Majority.”

We last updated this document on 23rd August 2022.