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We, at, respect your privacy and right to privacy. We are an Australian brand and understand that the Privacy Act 1988requires us to have a privacy policy. We are also committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Below is our privacy policy. Read it, and remember to ask for explanations if you have any plausible query.

Our objective at is to research, collect, compare, analyze, structure, and evaluate data about online casinos and their offerings. We make this information available to casino players worldwide via our website as we understand that importance of making informed decisions when gambling online. Note that we might refer to ourselves us “We, The Site, Us, Our, or

General Definitions Used In The Policy

User: We use this to refer to any person who visits and uses our platform.

Website Administrator: Refers to any individual in charge of maintaining The Site

Personal Data: Refers to any information that directly or indirectly pertains to a site User.

Personal Data Processing: Refers to operations done with or without the use of computer equipment to collect, record, accumulate, store, systematize, change, update, block, transfer, delete or use Personal Data.

Cookies: Refers to the information packets the computer receives and sends back.


You can learn about the privacy practices for from this privacy policy. Our privacy policy applies only to the data collected by The Site. This privacy policy stipulates the procedure uses for personal data processing and the different measures The Site will use to guarantee the security of its Users personal data.


Users can access without registering on the platform. Similarly, users can use The Site without providing us with their personal data. Users can find information on the latest bonuses, promotions, and bonus codes on our site. We also share betting guides, winning tips, and different casino strategies to help users level up their gaming skills.

Users can provide their email addresses to subscribe to our mailing list, especially if they don’t want to miss out on the latest generous casino offers. It will be best to note that users can unsubscribe from our mailing list without breaking a sweat at any time by clicking the “UNSUBSCRIBE” button on any of our emails.


We collect some User data automatically, especially a User’s technical information. Some of this data includes the User’s IP address, the date and time the User visited the site, the User’s browser, and PC’s (OS) operating system. We also collect the data about the pages you visit. Some users enter our site using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc. We collect data to identify these mobile devices and monitor system activity.

USE OF PERSONAL DATA collects and analyzes your personal data before using it to enhance our services. Your personal data helps us tailor the information and materials we offer you. We also use your information when helping you how to get the most out of our products and services.

Some of our Users receive comprehensive promotional emails, but only if they opt-in for such emails. It will be best to note that we don’t share Users personal data with any 3rd parties for marketing or similar reasons, unless we have the User’s consent to share the data.

THE FRAMEWORK FOR DATA PROCESSING reserves the right to process personal information on different legal grounds. First, we may process a User’s personal information if we have consent from the User to do so for a designated processing purpose. Absolutely, yes! The User has the right to revoke his or her consent for data processing at any time. You can do this by contacting the Website Administrator. Likewise, you can do this by clicking the “UNSUBSCRIBE” button in any of our emails.

We can process a User’s information at any point during the course of our contract, especially if we deem the processing is necessary. Also, remember that has a legal obligation to process a User’s information for their legitimate interest or a 3rd parties’ interest. Lastly, The Site can process a User’s personal data, except when doing so violates the User’s fundamental rights and freedoms.

The Website Administrator assures the safety and security of all personal data the website collects. The Website Administrator also takes all possible measures to ensure personal data doesn’t fall into the hands of unauthorized personnel or 3rd parties. 

We cannot share Users personal data with 3rd parties under any circumstances, unless it is required by law or current legislation. Some of the measures we take to safeguard our customer’s personal data include:

  1. Encrypting the data with the latest 128-bit and 256-bit SSL Certificates
  2. Ensuring all employees sign confidentiality agreements
  3. Access to User data is only limited to employees offering services to the User

Our Website Administrator cannot provide a 100% guarantee of User’s personal data safety and security since any digital system is susceptible to malicious hacker attacks.


Yes, of course! We use cookies and other tracking tools—a standard procedure in the online e-commerce scene. No. Cookies are not viruses! It will help to understand that cookies play an important role in enhancing your online experience.

Online sites use cookies to streamline the navigation between two or more pages by increasing the efficiency of accessing the said pages. Cookies also help in automatic activation of site features, the remembering of your preferences, customizing user experience, and improving site performance.

Players who want to enjoy a streamlined experience on our platform should accept our cookies. In contrast, gamers can block and delete our cookies if they don’t want to use them. However, this will negatively affect the User’s experience on our platform. uses “Analytical Cookies” to gather important details on how Users use the site. The Website Administrator can use the information from a User’s preferences to improve different site features. The cookies also allow the Website Administrator to identify the site’s most visited pages, evaluate and track marketing performance, track site problems, and compile the site’s usage trends.

You can configure the cookies in the browser settings. For instance, you can use the browser settings to block the cookies before using the site. Remember that blocking and deleting the cookies will result in site malfunctions.


If necessary, any user can opt to contact the Website Administrator for clarifications on data processing. And you can do this using the form on the site. Also, note that:

  • The current privacy policy is valid, unless we publish a new version.
  • We can amend or update our privacy policy at any time, without prior notice. The Website Administrator will announce all major changes in privacy policy rules in general and in detail on the privacy policy page.
  • It is the User’s responsibility to review our latest privacy policy, and this is possible by visiting our privacy policy page
  • Any alterations to our privacy policy will take effect on the date of publishing of the updated privacy policy on our website